Sirona Cruise ship

//Sirona Cruise ship
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Maximum capacity: 250 person
Total length: 43.5 metres

Suggested capacity for programs in two halls: 200 person (130+70)

Sirona was built in 1980 West-Germany. In the early 2000s, the boat has been rebuilt to make dinner cruises on the Sava River. Long-ago, the cabin passenger vessel in our days has a closed lower hall, a walk-around center hall, and an opened terrace. The lower hall has bright colors, the floor is Bamboo parquet, intimate lightning technical equipment, central heating and air-condition system not just this floor but all of them. In the middle hall, the cover is darker and it has panoramic windows all over the hall to get a clear view for Budapest. The opened terrace has a top but the view from here is tower above all of your imagination. In this floor more than 200 guests can stay in the same time.
All three decks has a good quality speaker system and central CD player to make our guests feel more comfortable during the cruise.